CCM – The Ralph J. Corbett Audio Production Center

Here at CCM, the Electronic Media division is the proud home of several state of the art facilities. Our audio production suite is no exception. Here’s a brief snippet from the E-Media division’s website:

The Ralph J. Corbett Audio Production Center includes first class, acoustically treated recording spaces, control rooms and post-production suites. Our studios are designed to support surround sound production and mix environments using modular digital multi-track and digital audio workstations.

Hell yeah they are! We have some really cool toys down in the basement. Check it out:

C|24 Control Surface

What we have here is a $10,000 mouse. It provides direct hands-on access to recording, editing, routing, and mixing functions in Pro Tools. Take a look at the product description from Avid’s website. And read this over-glorifying article from


The C|24 would be meaningless without some serious hardware backing it up. The HD I/O is a High Definition Input/Output device. It is used to convert analog signals to digital signals and vice versa. This interface is the brains of the operation. Don’t take it from me, listen to Butch Vig, legendary producer, songwriter, and drummer:

Pro Tools|HD is the only system that has the combination of sonic quality, stability, high resolution, and track count that I need… It’s the only platform that can take you from creation to production to final mix without any compromise.

Grace Design Model 801 Microphone Preamplifier

We use this a lot for vocal recordings. The 801 has a completely transparent sound, no additional color is added. When a microphone needs to be amplified, the audio signal degrades. It’s not really a matter of making it sound good, it’s a matter of damaging it least. So “additional color” is a misnomer. For a much better explanation, click here. The Grace preamps are a big part of our studio’s signature sound.

Tube-Tech LCA2B

Once again, this is a key part of our signature sound. The Tube-Tech is a master limiter and compressor. It’s the icing on the cake. When you’ve got that perfect mix that sounds fan-freaking-tastic, just put it through the Tube-Tech, and prepare to be humbled.


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